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BOE Launches Mass Production of Its New Gen Glass-Based AM Mini LED

According to the WeChat account of BOE Technology on May 31, BOE officially announced the mass production of its new glass-based active matrix (AM) Mini LED product during the International Display Technology Conference 2021 (ICDT 2021). BOE’s glass-based Mini LED product features high accuracy, AM driving, flicker-free technology, great heat

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BOE Jingxin Technology Delivers Its P0.9 COG Mini LED Product

On September 27, BOE Jingxin Technology announced on its official WeChat page that its first major chip-on-glass (COG) P0.9 MLED product was delivered. As BOE’s wholly owned subsidiary, BOE Jingxin Technology—founded on November 4, 2020 with a registered capital of 950 million yuan—specializes in the design and production of Mini/Micro

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